C&L Constructions goal is to work with the customer throughout the build process, to engage with customers and encourage them to use their unique styles and ideas to create the exact home they want. Flexibility is our key and allowing customers to add their own flair creates a high-quality home that is bespoke and meaningful. 


We enjoy building the “one off” designs that our clients bring to us for construction. We love to see the individuality in peoples design and help them create their dream home. C&L Constructions don’t operate with a limited design or selection range.  We differ from our competitors because we are willing to source products that create the personal touches people want in their home. 


C&L Constructions are proud to acknowledge that we are strong supporters of environmental awareness.  We have always used the principles of eco-friendly design and sustainable construction to allow the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. 


Craig and Luke are onsite throughout the build to guarantee high quality craftsmanship and ensure that the end product is exactly what is anticipated. We understand that new products evolve and ideas change, regular consultation throughout the build allows customers to stay informed and involved in the creation of their home.  Customers are given the freedom to get the exact style and features they want. 


C&L Constructions have prided themselves in delivering the exceptional. We have taken the challenge of highly engineered and complex builds with our clients to deliver some of the best homes in the district. We have grown through our experience to be able to offer a level of insight and quality unmatched in the area.