Initial Consultation

Clients typically bring their predetermined plan to us to discuss their ideas and expectations for their home.  Clients are invited to bring individually sourced products to the table for discussion and consideration. Alternatively, we can suggest, research or source products and materials which might be suitable for the style of home that is wanted. Who will cover the DA process will be discussed. Plans and council applications are usually the responsibility of the client but we can assist or recommend services for this process if needed.


Site Visit and Proposal

Craig and Luke will visit the site to assess the requirements for siteworks or proposed issues. Once the scope of siteworks is known and the clients’ expectations discussed a proposal for the cost of the build can be created. 


Contract Signing

Any modifications required for client selections are finalised and the timeline agreed. With acceptance of the quote, clients are asked to sign a HIA building contact. A 10% deposit is required on signing the contract. 


Selection Process

You will be provided a selection document that outlines the priority for finalising personal choice items. Understandably new products become available or preferences change with time. For this reason, it is not essential to have all selections finalised before the build begins but sticking closely to the process schedule allows the build to be completed on time. Clients will need to finalise some items so that the actual build can commence. This will all be contained in the selection document.  



Construction of your home will begin as per the predetermined timeline. Craig and Luke will keep in regular contact during the building process. Clients are able to visit the site at any point to see the progress however to ensure client safety this will need to be pre-arranged with Craig or Luke. 


Completion and Handover

On completion of the build, you are invited to walk through and ensure the completed project is exactly as it should be. This provides an opportunity for the client to discuss any concerns so they can be corrected prior to handover.